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How to Do Book Promotion

Books are not marketing themselves or do the publishers and agents. If for example that you are a self-published author, it means that most or all the burden of marketing will fall upon your shoulder. In this article, we will be talking about methods that can be used in promoting your book. One thing that should be pointed out is, it is hard to figure out which methods will pay off after you have made them.

There are book sales that can happen after combining two or several methods. Majority of these approaches are actually free.

It is recommended that you have a marketing plan prior to getting started even if it is just a simple plan that will evolve over time. You may want to consider the next points.

Set goals - you have to establish a figure for the number of books that you wish to sell, number of books written, earnings, number of author interviews that you do, the number of guest blogs that you take part in, number of your website hits, your Facebook likes, number of articles that you write and how many positive reviews you receive. Get more details about promotion books here:

Understand your target market - what are the age of your prospective readers, their gender, are they likely in a specific geographic location or do they have any special interests? You need to learn and understand these factors for a successful marketing.

Assess your competition - finding books that are similar to yours and reading their review is a must. You have to see what others do like about the books. Check the author's page, their site as well as blog. See their book prices and try to learn everything that you can from your competition. You should be intentional in learning from their failures and success.

Set a budget - there are so many resources that you can get for free but it isn't likely that you can publish your book without spending. In this regard, you have to take into account certain things such as editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, distribution, printing and advertising.

Think of your brand and act based on your marketing plan - for book authors, your brand set as your name and reputation. Think what people would want to say about you and behave accordingly. You should be consistent with your site, author profile, blog, interviews and online discussion groups.

Take these things into mind when doing book promotion and you may just enjoy success in the future.

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